Friday, May 29, 2009

Burn the Ships!

During yesterday’s long run, one of my favorite songs, Burn the Ships, played. As I have been quick to do lately, I compared the song to life especially weight loss and running. In the last year my life has changed drastically. I lost 60 pounds and started running again. The thing is that that isn’t what has really changed. The real me has changed. I no longer berate myself for being “fat and ugly.” I am no longer controlled by food. Now I am grateful for myself and appreciate the things I can do. I know that I can be successful; after all, I completed two very difficult tasks. In the 8 months since I reached my weight, I have maintained that loss and learned more and more about myself and my relationship with food. I recognize that food is fuel for body, not for comfort or when I am bored. Since I started the C25K a year ago, I have run in all conditions and in all moods. I have run in different states and I have raced longer and faster than in my 20s.

Going back to where I was a year ago is not an option. I burned my ships each and every day I learned something new about running or about nutrition. My ships went up in flames every time added a too large item of clothing into a box for Goodwill. I have nothing to go back to if I were to put weight back on. I cannot go back as God has given me the will and desire to change permanently.

Burn the Ships

Songwriters: Chapman, Steven Curtis; Elliott, James Isaac

In the spring of 1519 a Spanish fleet set sail
Cortez told his sailors this mission must not fail
On the eastern shore of Mexico they landed with great dreams
But the hardships of the new world make them restless and weak
Quietly they whispered, "Let's sail back to the life we knew"
But the one who led them there was saying

Burn the ships, we're here to stay
There's no way we could go back
Now that we've come this far by faith
Burn the ships, we've passed the point of no return
Our life is here
So let the ships burn

In the spring of new beginnings a searching heart set sail
Looking for a new life and a love that would not fail
On the shores of grace and mercy we landed with great joy
But an enemy was waiting to steal, kill, and destroy
Quietly he whispers, "Go back to the life you know"
But the one who led us here is saying


Nobody said it would be easy
But the one who brought us here
Is never gonna leave us alone