Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweat Your Thorns Off 5k

Thanks to The Boring Runner, I tortured myself with another race.  Not so long ago I swore off racing, but a virtual race would be better right? 

Indiana Jones & I are ready to head out complete with race bib!

Since I had no thorns, I figured I should at least sweat so I waited until later in the day to head out.  Of course, due to my scattered brain, I started even later than planned...  Got in the car with my favorite four pawed pacing partner (i.e. dog) and did a couple of errands before heading out to Champoeg State Park.  Driving south, I was dreaming about flat paths and how everything was going to go.  Then it hit running shoes...I had left my shoes at home.  No, running in the VFFs on my feet was not an option, so we turned around to get the shoes.  And then off again...

Finally to the park!
Indy & I finally arrived about 12:30 and did a couple miles warm up and a few strides.  And we were off!  I planned an out and back along the asphalt path in the park.  Although not even close to the temps of the non-virtual race in Arizona, it was plenty warm for me!  The sweat was rolling off.  At the beginning of mile 3, I passed an older couple with their granddaughters and the cutest tiny Pom.  Yeah, I know it was a race, but I stopped anyway.  We chatted for a few minutes while Indy greeted their dog and was adored by the girls.  I headed on out to finish up.  Finished in 26:03--a sort-of PR.  (Twenty seconds quicker, but with the extended stop not gonna count it.)  All I can hope is that I win the Female, 43, Running with Dog Division.

The park edges along the Willamette River south of Portland. 

As for the number 23...years ago we numbered our family for a reunion.  Each person was numbered according to when they becam a member of the Barringer clan.  Dad, 1; Mom, 2; oldest sister, 3; etc...   My mom (2) and oldest sister (3) have passed away therefore the 2 and 3.  Put them together for 23 and you have the number of my husband and best friend.  So 23 has become a bit of a specail number to me.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Find a Penny

Find a penny, pick it up and all day you'll have good luck. At least that is how the saying goes.  However, my dad did it a little different.  If he found a penny, he would pick it up.  But instead of hoping for luck, he would attribute it to a lesson from God.  As a preacher, Dad could make almost anything a parable!  He would hold that penny and study it.  Then he would quote Philipians 4:19.  "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

Last week, I was running up the last hill toward home.  I glanced down.  It took a moment for my brain to register.  A couple of steps and I realized it was a penny on the road.  I laughed out loud.  It was bred into me.  I stopped, turned around and picked up that penny.  In a whisper, I quoted, "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."  Dad's legacy continues.

On one of our many camping trips. Me, Dad and Melanie

Dad with his dad at Black Pine Lake.

Dad with my brother, Bernie, on Christmas in Aberdeen

Dad loves tractors!  Showing Ben how to drive up Beaver Creek.

One of my favorite memories!  A whole afternoon with jusst me and Dad!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Own Worst Enemy: A Race Report

I am not going into mile by mile detail about the Helvetia Half yesterday.  The race was very well organized.  I was able to meet Stacie of Impossible is Nothing and saw Amanda of Runninghood as well as a couple of other friends.  The course was even more hilly than I expected, but absolutely gorgeous.  My goal was to run strong and hopefully finish another half under 2 hours. 

Stacie and I after the race. It was her second of 4 halfs in June and a new PR!

With my recent difficulty in racing, I tried some new things this week.  I hydrated very well, ate cleanly and didn't even think about a PR.  I had no dairy later in the week and very little sugar.  My GI system felt great.  I was sure this was going to fix my running runs issue. 

I can blame pollen or asthma or hills or anything else.  Yet it comes down to one thing--anxiety.  In addition to my struggles with depression, I have GAD (generalized anxiety disorder).  More information than you may want to know, I realize.  I seem to be able to train through anything without too much trouble--well, except the occasional running runs...  However, put me in a race and I need more porta-potties than a race director can possibly expect.  Put me in a race and my lungs tighten up and I cannot get a deep breath.  Leaving me with a tendency to severe side stitches and asthma attacks. 

Yesterday brought home that it is not my training.  My recent racing issues are clearly mental.  All the positive mantras cannot seem to get me past the fear of being surrounded by people I do not know.  When it is just me and the road, I can run forever.  Me, the road, lots of people and a finish line and I cannot relax. Things were going reasonably well until someone talked to me.  It was a long hill during mile 7 and I was doing my regular race breathing--heavy and shallow.  A woman simply said, "You can do it.  Try to breath deeper."  I smiled and thanked her.  Just that interaction made me emotional.  I tried her suggestion as my side was in bad shape from breathing too shallow.  Just a couple of moments and I had a pretty bad asthma attack.  Enough that I had to sit at the side of the road to try to catch my breath.  I was so grateful for the two people that stopped and checked on me.  Both were so kind.  I finally caught my breath and began to walk.  In and out, slow and easy.  Mouth wide and relaxed.  The attack was easing, but I truly thought I was going to have my first DNF.  My breathing eased so I decided to run walk to the end.  If I started to struggle, I would walk. 

The biggest frustration was that my legs were not even the slightest bit tired.  Those hills were just dragons to slay.  My sword plunged into the dragon's back with each step.  The hills did not beat me.  I was my worst enemy.  I was conquered by my own fear.  That is the reason I feel the most defeated.  The course was not my enemy.  I was. 

Official Time: 2:12:36
Overall: 1262/2731
Gender: 579/1692
Age Group: 104/262

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

May Summary

March Miles: 132.6
2011 Total: 513.3
Stationary Bike: 1x for 15.8 miles
Walking: 4x for 11.7 miles
Strength Training: 7x

The Good: Started the month with 2 weeks of great training and good mileage...  My long runs were good, especially the misdirected one.  Had a great tempo and one good interval workout.  Also started some serious core work with a medicine ball!

The Bad:  The last two weeks I missed runs and strength training workouts.  My mileage dropped from 36 miles the first week to 21 the last and it was NOT a cutback week.  The dark skies really made it hard to get out the door.  I miss my sunshine!

The Ugly:  My eating--sugar and high glygemic carbs were my downfall.  I added a couple of pounds and that was NOT in the plan!  All of this led to GI issues that changed my runs twice.  Had to quit on an interval workout and shortened another run.  Here is to a better June of writing down EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth!

Races:  Just the Up the Lazy River 10k.  Still gaining perspective, but truly believe my fueling non-strategy was a big culprit.  Next up Helvetia Half on June 11th!