Monday, December 26, 2005

Five Things

I decided to take both Cheryl's tags and run with them so here is the second.

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Working as a team leader in an Alzheimer’s Day Program, living in a mobile home park (miss the house, not the neighbors!), had one dog (Juneau, American Eskimo), married and had 22 nieces and nephews

What was I doing 5 years ago?
Had just changed to working for the same small software company as DH and was doing tech writing and customer service and sales, my mom had her first cancer surgery, had 2 dogs (Juneau & Casey), still married

What was I doing last year?
Working as the Assistant Administrator of an assisted living and memory care community, spending the first Christmas without mom, Juneau died, still married and had 1 great nephew

What was I doing yesterday?
It was Christmas read the previous post!

5 yummy things I like:
Dark Chocolate
My sister-in-law’s frosted sugar cookies
Chips and onion dip

5 things I know by heart:
SS Number (and DH’s, too)
Driver’s License Number
Childhood Phone Number
Many, many hymns
Psalm 1 and other assorted verses

5 Things I do if I had lots of money:
Start a foundation for victims of sexual abuse by protestant church leaders
Start college funds for all my nieces and nephews
Travel the world!
Visit my family since we are spread out throughout the US
Take a variety of classes just to learn stuff

5 places I'd escape to:
The Oregon Coast
Noord Holland in the springtime
My bed!

5 Favorite TV shows:
Grey’s Anatomy
Bones (although the books are much better)
Amazing Race

5 Things I would never wear:
A nose ring
A mohawk
Leg warmers (Can you believe they are coming back?)
A swastica
I am sure there are a lot more, but my brain went dead!

5 Things I enjoy doing:
Suprising others by doing the unexpected


Gayle said...

Interesting that your "brain went dead" after you thought of the swastica. That damned symbol was the reason for many people's "brains going dead."

It's rather interesting to read about other blogger's likes/dislikes. I haven't posted to that effect yet, but one day perhaps I will.

Hope sincerely that you enjoyed Christmas and sincerely wish for you a blessed New Year! :)

Dionne said...

I enjoyed reading these. I may have to do this as well. My kids and I started watching "The Amazing Race" this year and enjoyed it.

Lone Pony said...

mmmmm...dark chocolate! mmm mmm mmm

Cheryl said...

Fun to read! Beading is fun--not many people do it any more. Nice to stop by after the holiday break and see you've done this one, too!