Monday, December 26, 2005

The Day After...

DH & I enjoyed a quiet Christmas day. It wasn’t “traditional” by any means, but it is ours. As we pulled into Burger King for Christmas Dinner, I wondered if we were pathetic or very comfortable with ourselves. From there we headed on to his sister’s for a few hours. The kids were excited to show us their loot. Spending time with them was relaxing. I love just hanging out with them, the kids are loving and kind and Jen and Mike are easy to be with. The expectations are low and everyone can just be themselves.

The best part of the day is that I was able to spend it with DH. I go on and on about him, but it is all true. He is the light of my life and my rock. I thank God everyday for bringing him into my life.


Gayle said...

You're right JFG: "Burger King" isn't exactly a "traditional Christmas Dinner" but who cares? As long as you enjoyed Christmas, that's all that matters! My gardner/handyman went fishing and had one heck of a good time. Caught 12 large bass and then went home and barbecued them for Christmas Dinner. He loves to fish and loves to eat fish and couldn't have spent his Christmas any better way. We don't all have to do the same thing, you know?

Merry Christmas! Also, I love that you go on and on about DH. It makes you who you are, and it certainly gives me the impression that who you are is special.

Blessings! Many, many blessings! :)

ABFreedom said...

Hey ... I had pizza for Christmas, you get tired of frozen turkey dinners after a while... lol ... don't know how to cook .. :-(

Thanks for stopping by my house, and Merry Christmas, you have an excellent blog going on here.

McSwain said...

A good husband is to be cherished, and good for you for being thankful for him! Glad you had a wonderful day.