Wednesday, July 20, 2005


My commute is 17.5 miles of country road. It is really nice to have a quiet time to work the day through my mind and not deal with a bunch of traffic. This morning as I was finishing the last few twists and turns, when a doe slowly stepped out to cross the road. She lifted her nose in the air and tentively stepped into the road and carefully made her way to the slope on the other side. There was no one coming behind me so I was able to slow to a crawl and watch as the doe silently made her way.

She seemed to dance as she walked. A ballerina slowly completing a series of coreographed moves across a stage as the other dancers faded into the background and swayed with the music much as the trees did in the breeze. I wanted to leave my car and my worries to join her in the dance and move only with the wind.

It only lasted a few moments, but it is a relaxation I can feel even at the end of the day.

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