Friday, April 22, 2011

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

The morning started at 8 am with 6 x Mile repeats at a nearby track. The track is 1.5 miles from the house the perfect warm up and cool down distance. The track is well used by the neighborhood and several walkers and runners were there on this beautiful day! The repeats were hard, but AWESOME! The plan was for 10k pace, but I haven't run one in nearly 2 years. So I decided on low 8:40s or maybe 8:30s if I was feeling good. All 6 repeats were in the 8:30s! I was very happy with how it went.

The afternoon was spent at the golf course... Hubby played 9 holes while I sat in the sunshine and finished my book. It was torture...NOT! It was a little piece of heaven! The book was great! I have already begun to put several ideas into my daily training. I am already seeing progress including how I approached the morning's workout.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Hunt for a PR

I set out this morning for a PR.  The weather was cool and damp, but no rain or wind.  The course was along the Columbia River and very flat.  I spent the week visualizing the race and getting menatlly prepared.  I even had someone to pace me--the amazing MildSauce from the Loop.  My PR was 26:23 and I really believed I could go sub 26 with possibly going close to 25:30.

I woke early after a good night's sleep.  Up and at 'em with my usual routine--breakfast, shower and gathering things together.  I was ready to go early and off Hubby and I went.  I was feeling surprisingly good as my hip had been bothering me soem earlier in the week.  Apparently lots of icing, rolling and Biofreeze did the trick.  Once we arrived, Hubby got out his book and I started my warm up.  An easy 15 minutes followed by a few drills and strides.  Everything felt smooth and I was ready for a huge PR! 

As start time neared, other Loopsters began to arrive.  First, Debrina59, then Coelle18 and finally MildSauce who already had 7 miles on the books with plans for another 6 after pacing me.  This was  the first time we had met Debrina and her husband had come along.  A bit of visiting and it was time to begin.  The Clark County Running Club saturday races are very low key.  A chalk start line with big clock and simple directions and more chalk lines.  No shirts, no bibs, no fuss.  For $2, it is a great value! 

A simple "Set, Go" and we were off.  No dodging, just off to the pace.  MildSauce and I visited for a moment and she said she would talk and I need not reply.  Good thing as it was not too long before I could not respond!  The first mile felt good--running hard, but felt like I could maintain for a while.  At about the mile mark was a short peninsula for an out and back.  Coming up a small slope, MildSauce nodded at a man ahead of us.  She smiled and said we could take him.  A short surge and we left him in the dust!  Waving at both Debrina and Coelle, we headed back on the main path.  MildSauce kept encouraging me and really helped keep me moving.  My legs felt awesome and strong.  My lungs not so much.  My usual wheezing started too soon.  We slowed, but I still couldn't catch my breathe.  A quick stop and a reminder to myself to keep the mouth wide and relax.  The turn around was a welcom sight! We were on the home stretch and hoped I could hold on.  Running the peninsula on the return was a tease!  I just wanted to keep heading back to the finish instead of 2 90 degree turns and a 180 turn.  With just a mile to go, my wheezing was not getting better, but not getting much worse either.  "Just relax.  Open the mouth and relax the face."  One more quick stop for catching a lung full of air.  MildSauce was awesome!  "You are doing great.  Perfect."  I know she said more, but it is a haze.  We rounded a corner and hubby was standing there with the camera.  I tried to smile a bit or at least not look like an angry maniac, but it didn't work.  Then I could see the finish line.  The was my focus.  MildSauce asked if I could pick it up.  I could.  I did!  I felt like I was running like the Garmin says different...  I noticed the clock.  26:21, 26:22..  I crossed the line!  26:23. 

No PR today.  It was a great effort that would not have happened without the help of my Loop pacer.  I know that 5k PR is right there.  I may register for another one soon.  Or I may not.  All I know is that for me a 5k hurts just as much as a marathon.  The pain may be a little different, but it hurts the same.  

More visiting and some amazing homemade cookies, finished Mini Loopfest 2 of 2011!  Running friends are the BEST!  

Pushing it with all I had left to get to that finish line!
If having nothing left at the finish means you ran well, I ran the perfect race...
MildSauce was AWESOME! 
Mini Loopfest 2: Coelle18, Debrina59, juanitagf, MildSauce

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Memories of Lynda

I remember the first moment I held my first niece, Lynda Michelle.  At just 4 days old, she seems to melt into my arms.  I had never held such a beautiful baby.  At 10 years old, I hadn't held many babies.  She was not a tiny baby, but she was so cuddly and soft.  There was a moment when I knew I would do anything to protect her.  She was not my own yet she was a part of me.  Her mother was my idol and now she had an amazing little girl. 

Growing up, Lynda and her younger sister spent a lot of time visiting my parents.  I loved the excitement of preparing for their visit.  Mom and Dad would talk about everything they wanted to do with the girls.  Each spring, Mom would order chicks, but she would always wait for delivery until the girls were there.  We all loved the joy on their faces when they held them.  My mom would cry when the girls would go home.  She loved all her grandchildren, but Lynda and Donella had a very special place in her heart.  The rest of the summer would seem lifeless without the girls bringing wild flower bouquets from the walks on the property. 

Lynda grew up and her life expanded.  Visits became less frequent.  It is the manner of life.  She finished high school and got a job.  She began college.  She was surrounded by family and friends that loved her.  And then it was over.  In one moment, she was gone.  Another driver made a decision that changed life.  She choose to have another drink, then she got in her car.  The consequences were devastating.    In only one moment, Lynda was absent from the body and present with the Lord.  It doesn't seem right.  It isn't fair.  Yet it is.  There is a purpose.  I cannot see it, but I know that somehow, somewhere God used a tragedy to bring joy.  

Lynda's first Easter. 

Lynda would often sleep with me during their visits.

Playing games with family

Lynda Michelle Frein

11/14/77 - 4/13/00

Friday, April 08, 2011

Get Ready to RAMBLE!

Great way to start the day--6x800s.  The best part of the morning run?  SUNSHINE!  It was a skrt and tank sort of day!  Gotta love those!  I programmed my Garmin for the run and decided to do them on the Fanno Creek trail so the dog could come along.  I thought I would shoot for about 8:15 pace.  Does making conservative goals make me push to surpass them or should I set really tough goals and possibly not make them?  I don't know.  After my 5k next week, I will plug the numbers into McMillan and see what he has to say.  I think setting conservative goals may be good for me as I push hard enough as it is--sometimes too hard.  Now I know you are wondering how it worked out.  Better than I expected considering how tired my legs have been this week.  Here they are: 8:06, 8:10, 8:06, 7:58, 8:00, 7:48.  The last one was hurting so I stopped for a moment and told myself to calm down and chill out.  After that, I really relaxed and actually sped up.  Sometimes I sabotage myself by trying too hard.  I am happy with the workout.  My mental focus could have been better at times, but overall a very good effort.  And I made a very happy dog by avoiding the track!

From there hubby and I headed to lunch at my favorite place.  Mmmmmm, Cheesecake Factory!  I had a Santa Fe Chicken Salad.  Sooo yummy!  It has an amazing peanut cilantro dressing.  I can't even finish the lunch portion!

Such a nice day so hubby plans to play golf.  With only one car, I go with him and take the car.  He texts me when he tees off the 8th so I can meet him when he is done.  (More rambling...)  I have birthday money from my mother-in-law burning a hole in my pocket so I head off to REI.  I want to try the Vibrams.  I am barefoot 90% of the time--pretty much anytime I am not running.  I would love to have something like them to wear around doing errands and such.  REI is notorious for taking FOREVER to get assistance in the shoe department. I wait a long time to just get someone to pull my size, then the next size up...  I wear them around and look at other things.  Gotta try them out.  I LOVE them.  If I use our dividend, it will take all my birthday money.  I decide to go for it.  When I check out, the lady asks if I would like to use a 20% off coupon, too.  Uhhh, duh, YES!  I got a great deal on the Classic Five Fingers model.  Of course, when hubby saw them he laughed.  I knew he would. 

Being such a gorgeous day, hubby wanted to play a full 18 holes.  Hmmm, what to do?  Ahhhh, massage!  My favorite massage therapist doesn't work in the afternoons, but she trained a couple of people in the office.  "Okay, does one of them have an opening?"  "Yes, 30 minutes."  "I'll be there!"  Well, not only did he have 30 minutes, he didn't have a next appointment.  He gave me a full 60 minutes for the price of the 30!  I feel so much better!  I will schedule with him again.  Just the right amount of pressure and really worked the usual runner spots!

Now, I sit checking blogs, FB and Twitter while the Mariner's home opener is on--oh, now the Blazer game--back to baseball.  Hubby definitely has the remote!  Back to work tomorrow after a really great day off!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Note to Nike, Asics, Saucony, Etc.

After reading Small Town Runner's blog on stability shoes and ankle injuries, I thought I should get my gait looked at again.  I had been wearing neutral shoes, but recently switched to stability.  I wondered why one place put me in neutral and another in stability.  My recent ankle injury with some ITB soreness made me think that maybe the wrong shoes could be contributing.  I headed back in and did the whole rigamarole.  Hmmm, seems that I am a neutral--and a stability.  My left side is neutral.  The side with the ankle issues is a neutral running in a stability shoes.  My right on the other hand needs a stability shoe.  Since switching to stability, I have not had any blisters. 

I have a solution.  Shoe companies take note!  Please make shoes that are interchangeable.  Create a line of  matching shoes that have different traits.  That way I can purchase a stability for my right foot and a neutral for my left.  As long as you are doing it, please leave a wide toebox and narrow heel.  I am sure I am not the only one with this delimma. 

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The "C" Word

Grief permeates
Every moment infused
Sorrow overwhelms

This road traveled before
Hills and valleys are
Peaks and canyons

Waiting for word
Marred patience
Sleep delayed

Sunday, April 03, 2011


A single day in your courts
is better than a thousand anywhere else!
I would rather be a gatekeeper in the house of my God
than live the good life in the homes of the wicked.

For the Lord God is our sun and our shield.
He gives us grace and glory.
The Lord will withhold no good thing
from those who do what is right.
Psalm 84:10-11

I read a headline yesterday that reported beautiful people live happier lives.  I suppose that could be true depending on one's definistion of happy. defines it as delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing: to be happy to see a person; favored by fortune; fortunate or lucky. defines joy as the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation.  I realize many view happiness and joy as synonomous.  I view happiness as a superficial emotion.  Happiness comes and goes.  Joy, on the other hand, I see as a deep, abiding state of being.  Happiness is caused by the comings and goings of daily life.  Joy is within us and is not affected by external stimuli.  Happiness ebbs and flows and is available to everyone.  Joy is only achieved by a belief in God and in his ability to work within us.  Joy is not dependent on circumstances.  I can have the lowliest of positions and have an abiding joy.  That is the true measure of life.  No one and nothing can take that joy from me.