Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Hunt for a PR

I set out this morning for a PR.  The weather was cool and damp, but no rain or wind.  The course was along the Columbia River and very flat.  I spent the week visualizing the race and getting menatlly prepared.  I even had someone to pace me--the amazing MildSauce from the Loop.  My PR was 26:23 and I really believed I could go sub 26 with possibly going close to 25:30.

I woke early after a good night's sleep.  Up and at 'em with my usual routine--breakfast, shower and gathering things together.  I was ready to go early and off Hubby and I went.  I was feeling surprisingly good as my hip had been bothering me soem earlier in the week.  Apparently lots of icing, rolling and Biofreeze did the trick.  Once we arrived, Hubby got out his book and I started my warm up.  An easy 15 minutes followed by a few drills and strides.  Everything felt smooth and I was ready for a huge PR! 

As start time neared, other Loopsters began to arrive.  First, Debrina59, then Coelle18 and finally MildSauce who already had 7 miles on the books with plans for another 6 after pacing me.  This was  the first time we had met Debrina and her husband had come along.  A bit of visiting and it was time to begin.  The Clark County Running Club saturday races are very low key.  A chalk start line with big clock and simple directions and more chalk lines.  No shirts, no bibs, no fuss.  For $2, it is a great value! 

A simple "Set, Go" and we were off.  No dodging, just off to the pace.  MildSauce and I visited for a moment and she said she would talk and I need not reply.  Good thing as it was not too long before I could not respond!  The first mile felt good--running hard, but felt like I could maintain for a while.  At about the mile mark was a short peninsula for an out and back.  Coming up a small slope, MildSauce nodded at a man ahead of us.  She smiled and said we could take him.  A short surge and we left him in the dust!  Waving at both Debrina and Coelle, we headed back on the main path.  MildSauce kept encouraging me and really helped keep me moving.  My legs felt awesome and strong.  My lungs not so much.  My usual wheezing started too soon.  We slowed, but I still couldn't catch my breathe.  A quick stop and a reminder to myself to keep the mouth wide and relax.  The turn around was a welcom sight! We were on the home stretch and hoped I could hold on.  Running the peninsula on the return was a tease!  I just wanted to keep heading back to the finish instead of 2 90 degree turns and a 180 turn.  With just a mile to go, my wheezing was not getting better, but not getting much worse either.  "Just relax.  Open the mouth and relax the face."  One more quick stop for catching a lung full of air.  MildSauce was awesome!  "You are doing great.  Perfect."  I know she said more, but it is a haze.  We rounded a corner and hubby was standing there with the camera.  I tried to smile a bit or at least not look like an angry maniac, but it didn't work.  Then I could see the finish line.  The was my focus.  MildSauce asked if I could pick it up.  I could.  I did!  I felt like I was running like the Garmin says different...  I noticed the clock.  26:21, 26:22..  I crossed the line!  26:23. 

No PR today.  It was a great effort that would not have happened without the help of my Loop pacer.  I know that 5k PR is right there.  I may register for another one soon.  Or I may not.  All I know is that for me a 5k hurts just as much as a marathon.  The pain may be a little different, but it hurts the same.  

More visiting and some amazing homemade cookies, finished Mini Loopfest 2 of 2011!  Running friends are the BEST!  

Pushing it with all I had left to get to that finish line!
If having nothing left at the finish means you ran well, I ran the perfect race...
MildSauce was AWESOME! 
Mini Loopfest 2: Coelle18, Debrina59, juanitagf, MildSauce


NattyBumpo said...

Hmm, that sounds like a lot of fun. I might even be inclined to add one of those for some speed drills, which is where I am sorely lacking.

Small Town Runner said...

Oh, that sounds like a TON of fun!!!

So close...It will come. 5K's are HARD, More fun with a friend, though =D

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I know just what you mean - pushing yourself to run fast is hard. Congrats on finishing well!