Friday, December 23, 2005

Amberglen Business Park

We headed out to a duck pond in Beaverton this afternoon for a walk. I only had my camera phone with me so it isn't a great picture. But my DH & Casey look great as usual. Casey is unimpressed by the geese and ducks. He is more interested in checking out where any other dogs have been and in marking his territory.
The park has a large pond with fountains and waterfalls connecting them. There are dozens of ducks and geese here year round. (No hunting, Pirate!) There are several signs posted to not feed them, but as we were leaving a family came and did just that. The kids went running as the ducks waddled up a quacking. It was reminiscent of watching a bunch of little girls running away from little boys with bugs—loving the attention, but not sure which was more gross, the boys or the bugs.

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Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Don't feed the ducks? Boy, that's NOT a dog's life.

Another dog lover.