Wednesday, June 01, 2011

May Summary

March Miles: 132.6
2011 Total: 513.3
Stationary Bike: 1x for 15.8 miles
Walking: 4x for 11.7 miles
Strength Training: 7x

The Good: Started the month with 2 weeks of great training and good mileage...  My long runs were good, especially the misdirected one.  Had a great tempo and one good interval workout.  Also started some serious core work with a medicine ball!

The Bad:  The last two weeks I missed runs and strength training workouts.  My mileage dropped from 36 miles the first week to 21 the last and it was NOT a cutback week.  The dark skies really made it hard to get out the door.  I miss my sunshine!

The Ugly:  My eating--sugar and high glygemic carbs were my downfall.  I added a couple of pounds and that was NOT in the plan!  All of this led to GI issues that changed my runs twice.  Had to quit on an interval workout and shortened another run.  Here is to a better June of writing down EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth!

Races:  Just the Up the Lazy River 10k.  Still gaining perspective, but truly believe my fueling non-strategy was a big culprit.  Next up Helvetia Half on June 11th!


Small Town Runner said...

Good running, J!
I miss my sunshine too. Soon, I hope!

Nicole Wagner said...

Aaah we all have set backs and it's okay. June is gonna have some sunshine for us! You are doing great Juanita! Can't wait to hear about hour half!!!

nobles said...

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