Monday, September 18, 2006


It has been a bit hectic lately with little time to post. I hope that absense does make the heart grow fonder and my readers have not moved on to greener pastures.

I've done several walks lately.
  • One volkswalk took us through downtown looking at a variety of fountains and landmarks. There is one called the Car Wash Fountain. It stops when the wind gets to 2 mph to protect pedestrians from getting wet. We also saw Portlandia from a new vantage point.
  • There was a beautiful walk through a small town with fields and fields of dahlias. I will post some photos later.
  • Several of us from work did the Race for the Cure in Portland on Sunday. It is the largest on the west coast with 50,000 entrants. Although I enjoyed walking with my coworkers, I had a hard time seeing all the women wearing pink and the bright "In Memory of" signs with names and photos.
On Friday, we had an inspection for the business. There were just a couple of minor things that needed fixing. She is returning on Tuesday morning and then we should be up and running. If you know anyone with dementia that needs a wonderful place to live, please drop me a line. With only 5 availabilities, we won't have room for long!

After the inspection, we headed to Newport to pick up one of DH's sculptures. He sold it from his website to an art teacher in Florida. So, he needs to refresh it a bit and ship it off. We took the long way home and wnet through the little town where he went to high school. There was a home football game and we wanted to sit back and relax a bit. It was a lot of fun. A former classmate was there and his son was the starting QB.

So, there is just a touch of what has been going on lately. Hopefully, I will be back to posting more regularly now.


Rebekah said...

Yeah, I haven't been blogging much lately either. I must get back in the habit!
Well, sounds like you are having a good time... sometimes life is more important than blogging ;)

Max said...

Interesting. Leave a space for me - I imagine I'll need it soon.