Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just Call Me...

Madame President
As of last Saturday, I am the state president of the Independent Adult Foster Home Association. It was announced at our first state convention. We had a great team putting the convention together, but the main responsibility was mine. It went pretty smoothly considering 2 of our 5 speakers canceled that week.

The centerpieces were a family endeavor. One niece & I created the plant stakes from balsa wood, tempra paint, polymer clay and paper. They were made to look like the logo I designed for the theme--Heart to Heart & Home to Home. My sister found the plants and kept them alive for 2 weeks, since she knew I would kill them. DH cut the tissue paper to cover the ugly pots. Sister's family and I covered them and got them set up on the tables. They really turned out very nice. I put a star under a chair at each table and the person sitting there took it home.

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