Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New hobby

Over the summer when my niece, Mary, was visiting, she started me working with polymer clay. She is really good at it and so is another niece, Donella. I am really getting going on it lately and just wanted to share a couple of projects.

The first is a snowman about 3.5" tall. He is holding a candy cane which is upside down as a J since Jesus is the reason we celebrate.
The light bulb is actually a large replacement bulb covered with clay. The red clay has glitter in it and the green wraps around in the sjape of holly leaves. Believe it or not the lettering is a stamp with dye ink. It baked right on the clay. Who would've thought?!
Anyway, I am enjoying doing projects and being creative. Just wait until I get some photos of what Jeff got me for Christmas! He wanted me to have a space close to our resident's to work on them so he got me something REALLY cool!

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