Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Plan

Okay, today it happened.  I finally exercised.  So it wasn't a run, not yet anyway, but still it got my heart rate up.  I decided yesterday that I had to get my exercise bike to a location.  A location where I might actually use it.  I moved a few things around, dusted, mopped.  Then my forebearing husband helped me move it upstairs.  Now I can use it during the day when things are quiet around here.  Hopefully, that will help me keep some of my fitness until I am running again.

Once my cough is gone, I will hit the treadmill until I get back to speed.  I have a plan.  This is the way to get me motivated.  I like a plan.  A plan helps me to focus and it helps me to relax.  A plan gives me something to focus on other than the things causing me stress.

On another hand, I am tired.  We have had 3 deaths in the last 5 weeks.  Even though each person was in our home only a short time, it takes a piece of me.  It isn't all about all the work and the long nights.  It is about the mental fatigue.  Trying to discern what is needed and to anticipate the need right before so I can be ready.  It is an honor to be a part of people's last moments, but I think it takes a toll on the living.  Even someone who is not emotionally envolved.  I need running.  It is cheaper than therapy!


ERG said...

A good plan definitely helps! The sationary bike is a great idea.

I'm not sure I could ever get used to losing people around me that often. You must be very tough & well grounded.
Feel better soon!

NattyBumpo said...

A plan is a very good thing. I was looking at Race Center last night and it looks like the Oregon Road Runners Club has added a marathon in Vernonia in April. I might plan to sneak that into my spring. It will make me focus to really train hard.

I know you will be back at it soon, so when I drive through your town, I always keep an eye out in the off chance I see you running. Even though I have no idea where you actually run.

Keeley said...

Oh my good gravy you've been through the wringer lately. Be gentle with yourself. And have fun with the bike and treadmill. =)