Sunday, January 29, 2006

Where have I been...

I found this over at Crazy Politico's blog and had to try it for myself. There is also one for the world. I won't do that 'cause the US, Canada, Mexico and Holland don't make much color!


Crazy Politico said...

You've got most of the west and upper midwest covered. That's actually pretty good.

Mine is just so full because every time I drove the family cross country we looked for a different route to take.

clew said...

HEY! This is neat! Thanks for sharing this!

Thanks for the linky! If I ever get my link list up (blush) you're there, woman!

XOXOXO have a great week!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

COOL!!! I would need the world map more so than the states, but I have been to quite a few in the U.S.
I haven't made it over to CP's yet...but I will have to try it. Thanks for all your sweet and encouraging comments. I am always thrilled to read and see you have been on my blog. You are a very special person. (smiling)

Off to try this!! (LOL)
P.S. Looking up at the comments...I forgot about driving once across country to Vegas from AL. (smiling) back in the late 80's. I wonder if flying across them count? Hahahaha!!

Gayle said...

I'll check out the map thing later but right now am notifying everyone who commented on Let Our Voices be Heard...Laughing. I would have e-mailed you, but you don't have a link on your profile.

Because of strong reaction I received (and surprising) regarding shutting down this blog, I have decided to leave it stand and only post on it about once a week. If this has caused you any inconvenience regarding linkage, I profusely apologize!

I am going around notifying everyone who commented on the last post. Sheesh!

Nettie said...

What, not into the South much?

cori said...

Wow! You love to travel. I would only have Texas and most of the Eastern states covered. This makes me want to get out there and experience my country more!

jgf said...

I grew up in Washington State and had grandparents in Iowa and Arizona. Most summers we would do a big triangle to visit everyone. So most of my travel when I was young. But DH and I have been back to the midwest a couple of times.

CP: Thanks for the link.
Clew: It took me a while to get links figured out.
Suzie: I wouldn't let DH use those.
Gayle: Cool!
Nettie: The south is next. I have to visit my brother in SC.
Cori: You need to get out west. It is really beautiful.

Crazy Politico said...

You're welcome for the link. I'm hoping I get to add a few more states to mine next month.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

This is neat. I'm going to do this too!!