Monday, June 05, 2006

250 Miles!

The second week of January, I began tracking the number of miles I was walking. I created a spreadsheet in which I enter the distance and the number of minutes walked. Yesterday I passed 250 miles! I am ahead of my goal for 500 miles this year. I just may have to revise my goal. Who knows where I could end up if I were walking in a straight line for the whole year? It is equal to 5 times to my sister Melanie’s and back! I would be on my way home from Sheri’s in Washington. I am a long way from walking as far as my other siblings though. After all, it is 1,071 miles to Janelle’s, 1,644 miles to Bernie’s and 2,788 miles to Dan’s place. Whew! I think I’ll keep planning a bit smaller than their homes.

Update: To log my miles, I use Map My Run. I just type in my address and log in my walks. It is great since I can use any address.


One of Many said...

Do you use a pedometor? If so what kind? You are motivating me!

jgf said...

I have used a pedometer in the past, but have trouble with losing them. The website I linked above is really great. And I can't drop it somewhere.

Stevin said...

The only way anybody would be able to get me to walk that much is if somebody went in front of me and dangled a hot dog from a stick.

Keep it up. You're encouraging me to get off my lazy behind and do something.

Dee said...

Your encouraging all of us! I love the site you suggested, it is so cool! I think I may start trying out some walking to.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Very cool--it's amazing what you can do on the internet now!!