Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tears of Joy!

I thought I would scream or shout or laugh, but I didn't. I stood in the bright florescent lights of the dressing room with my hand over my mouth and cried. I have started taking a size smaller than I think I can possible fit into with me to the dressing room. Today I really didn't want to try that size on first, but I told myself that it was for motivation. I hadn't bought an new pair of jeans since June and was excited then to get into a 12. I did it I tried on the smaller size and proceeded to cry tears of joy. Today, I bought a size 6. To be honest, they are a tad tight--slight muffin top, you know. I did try the 8, but they were really too big. I also bought what I really went to the store to get--workout shorts--in a small.

I, who am notorious for starting something and not finishing, am finishing what I set out to do and succeeding at it. I have made conscious decisions to go off plan on vacations or special events. But I thought through the consequenses of each decision and how I was going to get back On Plan. Letting myself be flexible has been key for me. When I say "I can't do that," I want toeven more. If I say "I can if I really want to," I can let it go. I have learned so much about myself and will continue to learn as I get to goal and move into transition and maintenence. I do know above all is that I did not do this alone. God blessed me with the grace to see this through. And He blessed me with angels to help me along the way--friends and family.

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Donella said...

Wow - congratulations!!! You are doing awesome!!