Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday 5

Five amazing things about today!

1.  I get to run.  I have the strength and health to be able to get out there.  P.S.  The strength training is really making running hills easier. 

2.  I don't have a headache.  I have had one for several days and last night it turned into a nasty migraine.  Ice packs and 2 vicodin led to a great night's sleep and not even a smidge of a rebound from the narcotic!!

3.  My husband loves me.  He doesn't wait around for some so-called holiday to show me.  He shows me every day of the year.  Hallmark can just take that!

4.  My extended family.  My hubby's family is great.  I have never felt like I am an outsider looking in.  In a few minutes, I am picking the boys up from school and they are hanging out here for a while.  This is going to be exciting...

5.  My new resident is doing great!  He seems comfortable and transitioning quickly!  Ahhh!!


Small Town Runner said...

You are blessed!

Hope your weekend with the boys is FANTASTIC!

Keeley said...

YES!!! So glad your headache went away. What a relief.