Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Training?! (and injury update)

I am not training for anything right now.  What can I possible be thinking?  Okay, so maybe that racing costs money (including paying for staff to work in my stead) and I was injured and I am just tired. 

But really, it is my weight.  Back in '08, I lost 60 pounds.  I kept it off until last fall, but since then I have put on 15 pounds.  I stepped on the scale last Saturday morning and it clicked.  I had to do something and I had to do it now!  Not tomorrow, NOW!  I started back on my strict diet.  It is well balanced, moderate carbohydrate and very low calorie.  I love it!  It totally works for me.  However, this diet and "training" do not mix well.  Running fine, just not hard workouts or lots of miles. 

For now that works for me.  I can live with running for the love of running.  Besides, running back at my goal weight is so much easier on my body and my spirit.  Just by starting that journey back, I feel better about myself.  Some say that finishing a marathon is a life changing event.  For me, it was waking up on my 41st birthday and being back at the weight I was when I got married at 19.  It proved to me that I could do what I set out to do.  The marathon just reminded me of that fact.

P.S.  Ankle update.  I did see the sport's chiropractor at Back in Motion.  I love that I go in and he is wearing his shirt from the Olympic trials.  (Many of the professionals in this office worked in Eugene including my massage therapist.)  It gives me confidence that he knows what he is talking about.  It seems I had a residual injury due to a high ankle sprain the previous year.  After massage, ART, Graston and taping, I am back to running without pain.  Today's 4 miles were untaped and pain free!  Thanks for all the advice!  You all ROCK!

P.P.S.  My sister read all your responses and now calls herself a runner!  She ran in the rain yesterday and thought it was awesome.  That certainly makes her a Runner with a capital R!!


Small Town Runner said...

Yay for ART!! Glad you are back at it.
Also, so glad to hear your sister decided to be a "runner"!

Amanda@runninghood said...

This is awesome!!! I had no clue there was another Back In MOtion fan out here on my blog list! :) yay! So glad you like them. Do you live far from them? Pretty impressive. :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Btw, how did you hear about them? Just word of mouth?

Small Town Runner said...

O man...did we both get injured running hills? or tempos?