Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Week...More Miles

Training is starting to ramp up again!  I love seeing the miles add up.  I wish I felt strong enough to add another day of running to the schedule, but I think it is smart to maintain 4 days a week and push the cross training 2 days.  The running base is not what I would have liked, but it is what it is.  Mid-week I was dreading a cut back next week, but on Saturday my legs felt like lead.  Now I am looking forward to cutting the miles back and getting a little bounce back in my step!  My miles aren't that high, but adding the cross training seems to fatigue my legs quite a bit.  Then the miles seem tougher and get the legs stronger.  I am enjoying the changes that the rowing is bringing in my upper body strength.  I am finding I am fatiguing later in the long runs.  That allows me to hold good form longer.  The hope is the added core strength is increased speed and being able to hold a good pace throughout the marathon.  I did not include any yoga this week.  My peroneal pain has increased following yoga for a couple of days.  I did do stretching, but not as much as I would have liked.  However, the ankle pain has decreased. 

Long Run: 16.3 mi

Rower: 60 min

Easy Run: 5 mi

Pace Run: 5 mi (Ave 8:59)
Easy Run: 1.9 mi

Rest Day

Easy Run: 6.2 mi
Weights: 20 min

Bike: 16.3 mi
Rower: 30 min


Run: 34.3 mi
Bike: 16.3 mi
Rower: 2 times

Yoga: 0 times
Weights: 1 time
Total Training Time: 8:36


NattyBumpo said...

I have done yoga twice now, and I am amazed at how close to the same feeling of a good run I have at the end of the sessions. It is a trip to me. I am sweaty and sore, in that good, "I've had a kick-butt workout" way.

You amaze me with your dedication. Keep it at 4 days and sneak in an extra cross-training session on a "light run" day.

Taryn said...

Awesome runs!!