Monday, February 13, 2012

Running for Sherry and Week 2

This was one of those weeks that life interferred.  I only got 3 runs done, but all were very good runs.  Cross training was also decreased.  However, I did end up with a couple of positives in that I got yoga in twice.  I revised my training plan a bit.  Finding it really hard to get a good workout in on Friday.  It is my day off and the only day to sleep in.  And then I want to spend time with the hubs.  Now Friday will be a rest day with speedowrk moved to Thursday.  Monday's are working great for the long run.  Hubs plays golf while I get my miles done.  He gets home about when I finish my nice bath.  Works pretty good for both of us.  We shall see how it goes when the rain hits on a Monday...  So far we have been blessed!

Saturday was the Run for Sherry Arnold.  Sherry was a runner in Montana who was kidnapped and murdered on her morning run.  Runners around the world ran in her honor.  Such a sad story that hits home because it could be any of us.  Indy and I headed out for an easy run with Sherry in mind and wearing a bib created for this run. 

Long Run: 14.1 miles

Rower: 40 min
Weights: 25 min (Six Pack for Runners from Running Times)

Unscheduled Rest Day...

Speedwork: 7.3 mi (6 x 800 with 2 min recovery)


Easy Run: 8 mi (Run for Sherry)

Stationary Bike: 16.6 mi

Run: 29.4 mi
Bike: 16.6
Rower: 1 time
Yoga: 2 times
Total Training Time: 8:50


Raina said...

Looks like a great week, J! I am glad you were able to don the bib and run in her honor.

Johann said...

Sounds as if you have things worked out well even with life interfering at times. I was happy to run for Sherry here in South Africa as well.