Saturday, April 05, 2008

Getting Bigger

The puppies are getting bigger. Since we got them Indy has gained 1.25 lbs and is now 8 lbs. Han has gained .5 lbs and is now 5 lbs. Even though Han is the smaller, as the elder he has taken his place at the head of the pack. They are learning to sit and to not go under the dining table at meals. They love our residents and often get up on their laps and beg for petting. They greet all visitors (often quietly) and expect their due attention. They both love to be held and sit on us as you can see in the picture. Whenever Jeff is sitting down one can find Indy on his shoulder. Friday afternoon, Han was looking over my shoulder watching Jeff work in the kitchen. We are really enjoying them (other than an odd pain in Jeff's neck) and they definately help us miss Casey less.

1 comment:

Gayle said...

An odd pain in Jeff's neck? LOL! I have a cat that does the same thing only I think she's larger than your dog.

They're both darling! :)