Saturday, July 05, 2008

Unanticipated Benefits

  1. Clear, smooth skin from drinking so much water and eating healthier. I had to change my facial cleanser to something that wasn't specifically for acne!
  2. Stronger fingernails. I actually bought polish today. I still keep them really short, but they look so nice now!
  3. Rings fit better--except the two I always wear which are no too big. My wedding ring is just about to slip off and my mom's Mother's Ring is now on my middle finger.
  4. Shoes fit better. I had not even thought that this was possible, but it is happening! Shoes that are in my closet that I couldn't wear anymore fit.
  5. I don't feel guilty! I don't feel guilty for not eating what is fixed and I don't feel guilty for spending this kind of money on my food. I really thought I would. (I would if I weren't staying following the plan all the time!)
I am sure I will find more to list as time passes, but it is nice to get a few surprises beyond what I had even expected!

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