Thursday, February 02, 2006

I've been tagged...

Chas has tagged me. I did something similar in the past, but here goes...

Four Jobs that I have had:
1) Babysitter (I babysat Paul Westfall’s kids when I was in college. He was an NBA player for those who don’t know. I didn’t, until I called by then boyfriend-now husband- and told him. He was impressed!)
2) Administrator of assisted living
3) Administrative Assistant
4) Activity Director (aka Party Girl for Old People)

Four Movies I could watch over and over:
1) It's a Wonderful Life
2) Sweet Home Alabama
3) Shawshank Redemption
4) Beauty & the Beast

Four places in the U.S. I like:
1) Maui
2) Oregon Coast
3) Western Montana
4) Just about anywhere I have been…

Favorite places I have vacationed:
1) Maui
2) Holland
3) Maui, again!
4) Southern California

Four t.v. shows:
1) Monk
2) Bones
3) Mythbusters
4) Grey’s Anatomy

Four favorite dishes:
1) Lasagna
2) Anything Chocolate
3) My husband’s Chicken Parmesan
4) Mandarin Chicken

Four places I would rather be:
1) Maui
2) The beach
3) Maui
4) Anywhere my DH is…

Four sites I visit daily:
3) (local news)
4) My family’s blogs
5) Several fun and political blogs

I would love to see how this comes up for:
Cheryl, Cori, Hick, Clew


ABFreedom said...

Most excellent ... but it seems every blog I go to is talking about food ... now I'm soooooo hungry .. LOL

Jeff H said...

You've also been blogrolled.

jgf said...

Jeff, thanks...

clew said...

KEWL! I'll get on it eventually ;)

I think we'd make good travel companions :D

Rebekah said...

LOL - "anything chocolate". You've got that right! I also watch "It's a Wonderful Life" over and over.(Every Christmas, to be exact :D)

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Only one surprise - that you liked Monk. I think I hated it because it was set in San Fran and I was living with nuts like him all the ime.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Love Shawshank & Sweet Home Alabama.

Mark said...

I put my 4 favorite things meme over at Patriotic mom's blog. I would like to mention, tho, that I see you like Shawshank Redemption. Remember that town in Mexico Andy told Red about? Zihuatenejo? I went there on vacation once. The name means "Land of Brown skinned women" And Boy, was it ever!

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

After seeing Sweet Home Alabama on your movie list it made me want to pull it out of my movie stash and rewatch it. Watching it right now.

McSwain said...

Great movie choices! And I love "Party Girl for Old People." I'll pick this tag up later this weekend--when I have a few minutes to type. :)

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

I watch Grey’s Anatomy every Sunday night too. All your dishes sounded so good that now...I'm hungry. Sounds like you truly love the water and the beaches. I feel sometimes I take it for grantite since I have lived on them all my life.
My daughter likes Monk...and it is weird b/c I have some disorders like his. (smiling)