Friday, February 24, 2006

Reading Meme

Mark had a new meme over at his place that was pretty cool. I love knowing what different people read. I think you get a whole new insight into one's soul by what they are reading.

So try this:

1. Pick up the book you're currently reading, or if that's not available, the nearest book.

2. Turn to page 21.

3. Go to the 14th (or closest to it) sentence.

4. Post the sentence, book title, and book author in the comments.

5. Continue this on your own blog with a different page and sentence from the same book.

One of the most bitter and cynical men I have ever known was a man loaded with talent.

How to Win Over Worry
By John Edmund Haggai

I originally read this book in High School as part of my required reading. It is one I need to read every so often as a reminder to be anxious for nothing.

I will confess I did a different book here than I did at Mark's. I tend to have more than one book going at a time. Currently I am reading three. This one, Dead Fall (Patricia Rushford & Harrison James) and Deja Dead (Kathleen J. Reichs). The last is on my PDA--a great way to read in bed!


Mark said...

Oh My God! John Haggai! One of my parents got that book directly from his hand and signed by him back when I was a kid. He conducted a revival at our church.

I remember meeting him and him signing my Bible, but just barely.

Mark said...

Page 21-sentence 14, eh? Can't do that. There are only 10 sentences on that page in this book. (It is the first page of a chapter) But here's the 10th:

"Only a lot more complicated."

Arrogance (Rescuing America from the Media Elite) By Bernard Goldberg

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

This was a fun meme that Mark did and I'm going to do a different variation of it on my blog.

I'm reading "Condi vs. Hillary" by Dick Morris and "Life is Short--Wear Your Party Pants" by Loretta LaRoche. But I'm going at a snail's pace because I spend too much time blogging :-).