Thursday, February 16, 2006

Spring is Coming!

One knows when spring is around the corner when the chicks arrive. My sister called today to tell me they picked up five chicks. It is a good thing they are laying hens since her kids have already named them.

When we were growing up, we would get new chicks each spring. (We didn't name them as they were going to end up as dinner in a few short months.) Mom & Dad would wait until the oldest grandchildren would arrive from Minnesota for vacation. My younger sister and I were in high school and the girls were 10 and 12 years younger than me. We looked forward to their visits each year. My parents insisted that we wait to get the chicks until they arrived. A couple of days after they arrived, we would go into town to the feed store to pick up our chicks. L and D would oooh & awww over each one and pick one and then another up to hold. It is hard to say who enjoyed the time more them or my parents or my sister and I .

Memories returned this afternoon as I watched my younger sister's kids oooh and awww over the chicks. Her son used my digital camera to take thirty-some pictures of the new pets. He was moving this way and that to get just the right shot. He took a couple of really good pictures. Their dog was very interested in the chicks as well. She would rest her head over the edge of the chicks home and watched closely. (She didn't seem to be licking her lips though.)

It was a great afternoon when the past and the present came together. Life goes on in a pattern and a rhythm that is comforting. Even with the changes that happen within a family, the legacy goes on.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Very cool story!!! It is neat to see traditions carry on. One of my really good family memories was watching the Roots miniseries with my family. I recently had my kids watch it for school and it was neat to see them get into it like I had, especially my 2 older kids.

McSwain said...

What a cool story to read!

BBarringer said...

We have our chickens named too: drumstick, fingerlickingood, and parmesan.

clew said...

Awwe. Widdle chickadees!

We don't have chickens but my brother in law does. It's fun to see the wide eyed look on the boy's face when we see the new babies in the spring.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

What a nice story and lovely memories. As I was reading my mind instantly went to the feed store, lo and behold you mentioned it afterwards.

My memories of the little chicks at the feed store are much like yours. We would go get the feed for the horses....and my Mom did not want chickens. Later on though, chickens were on a farm I lived on. I love fresh eggs but can't be around if one (from the chicken coup) is on the menu for dinner. (smiling)