Friday, February 17, 2006

Silly Dog

This afternoon, Casey & I walked to the bank. Tellers are usually a bit suprised to see me walk in with my dog although most at this branch have become accustomed to it by now. I will not leave him tied up outside. I am afraid he might get loose or someone might take him. That would break my heart.

Anyway, today the teller was new and after she smiled she asked if he would like a dog treat. I said sure. I gave the bone to Casey and stopped for a minute outside the bank so he could take some time to eat it. He just looked at me like, "What are we stopping for, Mom? Let's get moving!" So, we did. He started with a new lilt in his step and carried that bone the 2 miles back home. He slobbered all over the place, but he would not set it down or eat it. Of course, after we were in the house, he went straight to the back door to get to the yard so he could eat it.

To let you know how cold it is here today. When we got home, I wiped his chin to get a picture of him with it and some of the slobber had frozen on his fur. It is in the low 30s today, but the wind is coming in from the northeast and bringing a cold snap. Brrr!


ABFreedom said...

Kind of unreal how much communication there is between a dog and it's owner. .. it's always amazed me. You probably wouldn't get a dog into a bank up here ... unless it's a small one that you can hold on to.

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Dogs sure are funny with there little quirks. I thought about you when I heard about the north-east wind down the gorge. It's been cold down here too - 24 degs last night.

I read the chick story too. Is it really time to get new chicks already?

Gayle said...

JGF's dog has manners: he doesn't want to eat in public! :)

Nice bank you go to. Nowhere around here would they allow me taking my dog in. But then she's a Black Lab and weighs in at 110 lbs! She's friendly, but her size intimidates people.

Nice post, JGF, as all of yours are. The temperature is dropping fast here in Central Texas too. There's supposed to be a freeze either tonight or tomorrow morning.

jgf said...

AB: He is only 13 lbs, but it is also a small branch. But I am seeing more dogs in stores than ever before around here.

Pat: I think about you when it's a pouring down rain.

Gayle: That's definitely a big one. When I walk out in the country, I wouldn't mind having a bigger dog.

Crystal said...

Awwww how cute! I love my dogs...I know though that no one would let my mastiff in the doors of the bank.....they would think I was trying to rob it or something...I could just see it now...the mastiff walks in and my yorkie and pug hold guns on the tellers.....that would make quite the story!
I am way up here in Saskatchewan Canada and we have had a really cold snap here's good to know that spring is hopefully just around the corner....

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

What a cool or should I say cold (LOL) picture. Bless his heart w/ the frozen slobber. Hope you are snuggled in and keeping warm...perhaps Casey needs an extra fur jacket. (smiling)

Where I am from it is common for ones to enter the bank w/their dogs and in Costa Rica accepted in all business...very dog friendly.
Like Gayle, I have a Rottie 100lbs..CiaoBella is a sweetheart but her looks...give another we have the hurricane stray poodle PEPE' ...what a team!! (smiling)

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

And I think of you, Juanita, when it is dry and freezing the way its been for over a week now. Brrr.

Nettie said...

Poor guy, freezing over his treat.