Thursday, July 27, 2006

2nd Amendment Rights

I very seldom post on politics. I read political blogs and comment on them; I listen to talk radio and argue with the callers and the hosts. There comes a time when something is so wrong and it hits close to home. Like what is happening to my cousin, Kristi, and her husband, Rick. Please read this and spread the word. What is happening to Rick and Kristi is wrong. They were doing nothing illegal; they were following their rights as citizens of the United States.

On June 7 2006, ATF, FBI, and Canadian ATF raided KT Ordnance in Dillon, Montana. They only had 1/2 the search warrant, the other half (the affidavit needed to get the warrant) is "secret and sealed". They took inventory of 80% frames ($30,000.00 approx. value), 3 of Rick’s personal firearms he made for himself (but left one that he made for himself), all his paper records (including the appraised value certificate of Kristi's diamond ring), the titles to their cars, a copy their hard drive. They also took all the non-regulated gun parts. No one showed any I.D., only verbal. Rick was not arrested nor charged with a crime. FBI was very interested if Rick was starting a militia. Rick had sent all the churches in Dillon, plus the Sheriff, an article written by Dr. Edwin Vieira: Are you doing your constitutional duty for "Homeland Security"?

There are several specific questions including: Why was the affidavit for the warrant “secret and sealed”? Why did they seize three of Rick’s personal firearms but leave one? Why did they seize the appraised value certificate of Kristi’s diamond ring?

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they work their way through this. Also, anything you can do to help spread the word of this injustice will help. There is nothing like the outrage of conservative American citizens to bring justice to an unjust situation.


Gayle said...

This is weird, JGF.

I visited the links you posted. I see nothing wrong with either of them. I'm also confused as to what the Canadian Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms people were doing helping raid a place in America???

Seems strange to me. And the other stuff; the "title to their cars", the appraisal value of Kristie's diamond ring? All of Rick's papers and a copy of their hard drive? Jeez Louise! Without hard evidence of who these people really were! Hon, anyone can wear a jacket that says FBI or ATF on it.

I do believe however, they were actually who they said they were. First of all, they took Kristi's evaluation of her diamond ring and the car registrations in order to see if they were "living beyond their means." It seems Kristi and Rick are suspected of selling firearms on the side. Why that should be so, I don't know, but because they took these things, and a copy of the computer hard drive as well, is why I believe that is what they suspect your cousin's husband of doing. they are of not declaring everything to the IRS.

I will hope and pray that everything works out all right for them, but it seems so strange that they left one firearm behind. And that 1/2 of the warrant was "hidden". I've never heard of such a thing. These people are in serious need of an attorney! I realize no charges were made, but they need to be prepared. I am no attorney, but I've worked as a paralegal, and I know of what I speak.

They didn't charge Rick or Kristi with anything because they don't have anything yet. They took that stuff to see whether or not Rick and Kristy are doing anything illegal. If they are squeaky clean, then they have nothing to worry about and they won't be charged, but I would still consult an attorney.

Blessings. My prayers are offered.

Gayle said...

That one part should have read: "They are suspected of not having declared everything to the IRS. Sorry!

jgf said...

Gayle, they do have an attorney. He does not know how ling it will take to get things cleared up since no one will talk to him about this. They haven't done wrong, but apparently it can still take years to be cleared. In the meantime they have a family to support and all his stock is seized. That was an order to be shipped.

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

This a shocking and what business is it of the Canadian ATF? They do need answers about who those people really are.

Gayle said...

I agree with Patrick. The Canadian ATF being in there is really weird, JGF. It's possible they need an attorney with more clout. Seems to me he should be insisting someone talk to him, especially as it is effecting their livelyhood. This is more than strange... it's absurd!