Monday, July 31, 2006

Two Good Things

Sunshine & Baseball


ABFreedom said...

SWING! ... oops... do you have to be quiet in baseball ... uh .. no that's golf isn't it ..... SWING! .. darn it .. lol

Gayle said...

Baseball and sushine... I like that!

"Quiet in baseball"???? Ab's a riot!

I used to coach baseball... oops. No, that was softball. High-school softball. Girls, ya know? Nothing quiet about them either!

Two of my favorite sports: Baseball and Basketball, neither of them quiet. I hate Football, and I live in Texas, so I'm considered a little strange. Oh well... I've never liked Golf, but that's because it's boring, at least it's boring to me to watch; but then I play chess and that's extremely boring to watch. Go figure.

Perhaps I should quit while I'm either ahead or behind and go to bed now! Nighty night, and God bless.