Saturday, July 29, 2006

From the Garden

I love macrophotography. I have not done much of it since I went to a digital camera since I did not have a great one for it. Today I am playing with my sis's camera. (Mine is somewhere around here, but with the move...) Here are a few shots from the garden this morning. It does a pretty good job for an inexpensive digital.

Red Basil

The Birth of a Fir Cone
Petunia in a Hanging Basket


Gayle said...

Those pics are beautiful, JGF! I need to get back into photography. Ever since I started political blogging I can barely keep up with my housework let alone my crafts and photography. *sigh*.

I make christmas decorations out of chicken eggs which I bead, and tiny people and animals made out of paper-mache. I ought to photograph them and post them. Perhaps I'll do that for one of my Sunday "off politics" posts. :)

Crystal said...

Those pictures are awesome....I hope your summer is going well

jgf said...

Gayle, I would love to see them. I need a creative outlet to keep a positive outlook.

Crystal, thank you. Summer has been busy, but good. I hope yours is the same.

Dee said...

Beautiful pics JFG!! I would love to see the beaded eggs from Gayle too!

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Those are really good pictures.

MAX Redline said...

Cool shots! Wish I could do that stuff. Never been any good at it, though.