Thursday, May 05, 2011

April Summary

April Miles: 130.4
2011 Total: 380.8

Stationary Bike: 1x for 16 miles
Walking: 2x for 3.1 miles
Strength Training: 8x

High Point: Miles! My weekly mileage is finally back above 30.  That is a happy number for me.  I tend to thrive emotionally and physically at 30-35 miles per week.   Also, my interval workouts were fantastic!

Low Point: I had a couple of days that had some pain and stiffness in my hips/psoas.  A cutback week and extra ice seems to clear it up.  Cross training got left out a bit...

Best run(s): Definitely the mile repeats!  The entire workout was tough, but gave me such a huge confidence boost.

Races: Marine Park 5k.  No PR, but learned a few things and got to meet up with other bloggers!

1 comment:

Nicole Wagner said...

I think 30-35 is a great number too!!! looks good girl!