Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finally Spring!

Lilacs!  Reminders of childhood in the Methow Valley where there was a beautiful bush near the front door.  I loved when it began to bloom and I knew summer was coming!

New growth!  I love the new growth on evergreen trees.  The bright green contrast to the older needles are so soft.

"Sweet Olive" tomatoes.  Tiny tomatoes that are the perfect size for popping in the mouth!  Mmmmmm!
The color of green leaves against a clear blue sky--the perfect color combination!

New blooms in the flower bed signals the end of a very long winter and a very wet spring. 


danny said...

As far as 'color theory' goes I would debate the merits of blue and green as harmonious colors.

But yes, I have enjoyed all the wild flowers along the road to work, the new foliage, crisp air, and new beginnings.

Small Town Runner said...

I have me two small tomato plants and can't WAIT to eat some fresh ones!!
Love the lilac up-close photo :)

YAY spring!

NattyBumpo said...

Yup, Spring is here, a duck has put her nest in the flower garden of my neighbor (we now are chasing the local pets out of the bed until the ducks hatch---then they are on their own)and there are at least 10 eggs. And one of the other neighbor cats got himself a fresh bunny yesterday. I love Spring in the 'Burbs.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Nice pics! It's been so dry in Texas that I haven't seen all of the usual spring flowers here.

Johann said...

Lovely! I always take some spring photos in my garden. Must be the best time of the year.