Saturday, March 25, 2006

Who would've thought...

I love this picture! I would never have thought a dog and a lion could be friends. Makes me think of the lion lying down with the lamb!

Lioness 'Soonee' and South Korean traditional breed Jindo dog 'Tangchil' play together at a zoo in Chinhae, about 410 km (255 miles) southeast of Seoul March 20, 2006. The 10-year-old Soonee who was raised by zoo keepers and the 5-year-old male dog Tangchil have lived together in the same cage since 2002, local media reported.

H/T: Yahoo News & REUTERS/You Sung-Ho


ABFreedom said...

She's just keeping her lunch warm for a bit longer... LOL

jon said...

I have to wonder what the next picture would have been- A lion cleaning a dog drumstick?

Just kidding, cool picture.