Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 Races in Review

04/03/10 Vernonia Pikermi (2:06:32)
This was  a completely fun, tough and amazing race.  The plan was to run it at PMP as a tune up for the Eugene Marathon.  It rained and it snowed.  It was on asphalt, gravel and dirt trail.  The slush was slick and the puddles were ankle deep.  On top of everything, it ended on a very steep hill.  All in all, it was CRAZY FUN!  Yes, I am planning to do it again this year!
05/02/10 Eugene Marathon (PR - 4:16:02)
A glorious day for a marathon.  It was cold and sunny.  Everything was coming together until I came apart.  Wel, part of me did anyway...  Several porta-potty stops and GI distress put me off pace late in the race.  However, my splits were amazing except for those stops.  I was on my way to a 4:06ish marathon, but anything can happen on race day.  The best thing was running into Hayward field and feeling the soft track under my feet.  It was great and I hope to do this one again--maybe for that sub-4 I know I have in me!

06/05/10 Sherwood Run for the Roses 5k (PR - 26:23 - 40-49 Age Group Winner!)
The first race I have done without anyone along to watch or run.  I met NattyBumpo there through my Team Pikermi hoodie.  I was super nervous about doing a 5k.  I toed the line a couple of rows back and spent the first half mile dodging slower runners and walkers.  I had no idea I should have started closer to the front!  But it did keep me from going out too fast.  I ended up passing a lot of people and only was passed by a couple of men.  I felt like I was going to DIE the entire race!  My splits were perfect!  (8:26, 8:21, 8:18, 7:23)  And I ended up the 4th woman and first in my age group!  It was a HUGE confidence booster!

07/25/10 Bowerman 5k (26:36)
It was an evening race and it was HOT--around 80 degrees!  It was a two loop course on the Nike Worldheadquarters and lots of superfast people were participating.  I jogged one loop for a warm up then did my drills.  I really was hoping for a new PR with all the training I had been doing.  In the first half mile my ITB started feeling tight.  Then, half through the second loop, my asthma gave me fits.  My breathing was ragged and I was wheezing so much I got asked if I was okay...sigh...not a good sign.  My coach was at the corner when I turned in toward the finish.  I started to kick too soon and really died.  I did survive the race.  I learned some new things about myself and running late in the day and the heat.  Drink a lot, then drink more!  I was so disappointed, but my coach brought me back to reality that I nearly PRed in much tougher conditions.  Okay, I can live with that.

07/28/10 Mt. Tabor Doggie Challenge 8k/5k with my doggie! (44:21)
The first race ever with my dog.  I went to it planning to take it as a tempo.  Another evening race on a hot day.  Fortunately, the course was all in shade.  Unfortunately, the course was on the side of Mount Tabor... meaning hills, big hills...  My splits showed it--8:54, 8:15, 9:32, 9:30, 8:38.  Yet it was so much fun!  Indy was in heaven and had impecable dog manners.  He would slow at times to see what dog was coming behind.  We did stop at a couple of water stations and dumped water on him as he refuses to drink when we run.  I was awarded a trophy for the 3rd masters female.  But on review of the online results, I was actually about the 5th.  I am keeping the award as I ran with a dog and they did not!  To top off a great evening, I was able to spend time with my running friend, Corina!

08/27/10 Hood to Coast 2010 (Leg 6: 7.42/1:04:32, Leg 18: 4.15/41:04, Leg 30: 5.35/46:43)
Ever since my sistee-in-law ran the Hood to Coast more than 20 years ago, I have wanted to be a part of a team.  I was so excited when I was invited to join team Wii Not Fit with Corina.  A relay of 196 miles, stinky people, no sleep--what could be more fun!  And it was a BLAST!  I ran so much better than I expected.  I loved the team comraderie and encouragement.  The night was hard.  I have to admit, I began to wonder if I was going to make my second run.  I was queasy and faint.  Corina waited with me at the transition so I could sit, wrapped in a blanket, until it was time to go.  Yet once I started running, everything came together.  I said it was a once time race for me.  But writing this, months later, makes me wonder...hmmm...wonder it there is a team needing a runner next year...

10/10/10 Portland Marathon (4:34:56)
What could have been the worst marathon, turned into the most fun!  Rain, rain and more rain.  My training had not gone as planned and with the rain, I decided to relax and have some fun.  I started slow and ended up joining the 4:15 pace group.  Everything felt great and I thought maybe I could still PR.  Then the old GI issue reared it's ugly head!  It wasn't as bad as Eugene, but I lost the pace group and couldn't catch them.  I just talked to random runners.  The comraderie was great as we all commisterated about the weather.  I crossed the finish line with my slowest time, but felt awesome!  It was such a fun race.  And my husband had a bag of my dry clothes for me to change into to watch for my nephew to finish! 


NattyBumpo said...

I hope that you will do the Sherwood Race again in 2011. I am going to try to get my wife to run it as well, and get a sitter to watch the kids at the football field while we run. That would end up being two races in the next 6 months that we will be at the start of together. They have added a Pikermi to the Sherwood Race for the Roses...

jgf said...

Really?! I may have to do that one, too!

NattyBumpo said...

and only $45 according to their web-site. They don't have the map posted yet.

Jill said...

A great race review, Juanita - I love to go back and reflect on my racing year, so many fun-filled memories!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and may 2011 bring you tons of happy, and HEALTHY miles :)