Friday, December 10, 2010

I Ran!

Wooohooo!  I did.  Really.  I headed downstairs this morning after I had things settled upstairs.  I started to head to the shower and had a thought--why not try 5 minutes on the treadmill.  I hate my treadmill.  Really.  But I know it is the only way I can get back to running right now.  Cold outdoor air would be very unfriendly to my lungs.  So, I can deal.

I put on my gear and grabbed my mp3 player.  I really need some music for the dreadmill!  I started very slow.  Slower than I have run since I started back up.  It felt pretty good.  Breathing: Good.  Coughing: None.  Sweet!  After a couple of minutes, I decided to go for 10 minutes.  I got to 10 and started for 15.  When I got to 20 minutes, I stopped.  No sense pushing too much.  I could have gone longer.  It was so encouraging.  I was so worried that I had lost so much fitness that I would need to have walk breaks.  Instead I could have kept on running.  I started pushing a little more toward the last 5 minutes to see how it would go.  I could feel a bit of wheezing, but it stopped as soon as I stopped. 

So, now I have a bit of a cough, but no more than last evening.  After more than 2 months of feeling ambivilant about running, I am now excited to go--even if it is on the treadmill for a while!


NattyBumpo said...

YEA TEAM!!! You will be back out there shredding the pavement in no time.

ERG said...
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ERG said...

ERG said...
That is GREAT news!!

I bet you haven't lost much fitness at all. =D I am SO happy for you!!