Thursday, December 09, 2010

Santa came early!

When I was first married, 23 years ago, my mother-in-law gave me a couple of pieces of advice. First, if you don't want to do something forever, don't do it the first time. Case in point: Haircuts. I did it once and am still doing it. I hated cutting his hair, but now just buzz it so it isn't so bad. The second piece of advice was that men are often not very good at buying gifts. She always put something under the tree for herself from Santa. She got what she wanted and everyone was happy! I took that advice to heart and my husband has been very happy. He HATES shopping! Most of the time I don't even put it under the tree.

My gift from Santa arrived today!  I have been wanting a nice way to hang my running medals.  I meet someone on the Loop forums that had a great design and his flyers were in the goody bags at the Eugene Marathon.  I have to admit, I coveted them.  Pretty, shiny, sturdy.  It was so nice of Santa to believe I was good enough for one!  If you are interested in one they have many designs and will customize, too!  Check them out at Allied Medal Displays.

On a bright note, looking at it makes me want to add more medals.  I am so ready to run again!  I finish this round of meds tomorrow.  I am feeling good, but still have some cough.  The cough is lighter though and doesn't completely send me into spasms.  I hope to hop on my treadmill (sigh) early next week and give it a shot!  Woooohoooo!

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NattyBumpo said...

You need to add a Warrior Dash medal to that growing collection. I'm kinda jealous of the hanger. My *whopping* two medals are hanging in my closet in front of my socks, next to my ties.

I am glad you are feeling better. Maybe Santa will bring you clear lungs next week so you can start getting ready for more medals!