Tuesday, December 28, 2010

As a Runner

In my dreams, I... can run for hours without tiring.

My favorite book is... my Bible—lots about running races in it!

My favorite movie is... I would like to say Chariots of Fire as Eric Liddell is my hero for running and for life, but the movie was slooooooow. So, really, Running the Sahara is my favorite.

My breakthrough was... The first time I broke an hour in a 10k. I had only started running again 5 months earlier. It was when I crossed the finish line in 59:01 that I felt like a runner!

My favorite run is... a run with purpose especially a long steady run or a hard tempo. I heart tempo runs!

My favorite season to run is... Fall—the weather cools, but the sun still shines in Oregon.

My favorite distance is... Hmmm, probably the half pikermi, but I do like the challenge of the marathon. Then, of course, I do want to do an ultra someday…

My favorite race is... the Wildwood Trail Trial. It was the first race I ever did with my sister-in-law the first time I started running. I never treat it as a race, but enjoy the trails and being outdoors.

I started running because of... fatness. Seriously, I looked like Jabba the Hut. I had lost some weight and needed to exercise to keep it off. I had run in the past and loved it. It was natural for me to try it again.

My reason to keep running is... I love it. I love the pure motion. It feels like freedom. And there is the food dessert.

I knew I was a runner for life when... I wanted to keep running after my first marathon. I was afraid that I would quit after that, but all I wanted to do was get back out there!

I am most scared of... losing the joy I feel when running.

My main goal as a runner is... run forever or at least until the day I die—probably in the middle of a run at age 99!

So, how about you? 

Hat Tip to MsRitz


ERG said...

I love your whole list, but the dreams about being able to run forever---that reminds me of something. Do you remember the first time you ran without getting winded, or feeling like maybe you could just run forever? There is a breakthrough (when I first started running more than a mile or two) where i felt like that for the first time.

jgf said...

I totally remember that! It was an amazing experience and will hold it close always!

ERG said...

I love that feeling. :)

Also I am going to look for that movie...always looking for a GOOD movie :)
the H2C movie will be out soon, but I'll probably wait a while to see it- being I'm cheap.

Keeley said...

I love it! Did MsRitz put it up on The Loop? SO cool. =) May I please nick it for my blog?

jgf said...

Yep, she did. Take it; it is yours!