Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday 5 in Pictures

1. Great run this morning--easy run turned into tempo just for the joy of it.  The best part was seeing this sight--blooming daffodils!  Spring is coming and I am going to survive another winter!  Hallelujah!

2.  Hubby & I headed to OMSI to see the Egypt exhibit this afternoon.  It was a fun.  There was a very nice mummy there as well as several interesting scans for studying.  There were some "pots" that were in pieces and would go together on a medal pot.  Each piece was magnetic and had to be put in the right spot to complete the puzzle.  Harder than it looked, but we should have become archeologists!

3.  Then we got to have our photos take with a camel!  Very cool.  The only thing that would have made it better was if it were a real camel somewhere exotic...

Hubby can never have a "normal" picture taken.

4.  From there we headed to the Design Zone exhibit.  There were a bunch of hands-on experiments.  My favorite was one that you copied a photo using plastic shapes.  After making the shape, you would adjust the side mirrors to creat multiples.  I thought it was pretty!

5.  We spent a little time looking in the gift shop before hubby had to be an astronaut.  He actually would have made a great astronaut.  See how enthralled he is by space.


jackie said...

looks like you had fun! that is wonderful.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I love your blog! The description had me immediately of course! Where in OR are you?!! I am in Eastern WA!

juanitagf said...

Jess, we are in the Portland area. I grew up in north central WA. A tiny town called Twisp. I have been enjoying your blog, too!