Monday, March 28, 2011

Incredible LSD

Today was a near perfect run.  Nine miles of spring loving hill running!  In spite of the forecasted rain, it was overcast with intermittent sunbreaks.  I planned a new route that heads out to the country.  My long runs are finally getting long enough to get off the city streets again.  Indy and I headed out about 8.  I started nice and easy.  My first 3 miles were the slowest of all.  The last 6 miles were within a few second of each other.  Perfect!  Indy stayed by my side--not pushing in front--and moving behind as the shoulder narrowed.  He did exactly as he is trained and not like he usually does like pulling ahead and trying to run exactly where my foot needs to land.  We completed the run faster than I anticipated and with ease.  Even the last hill felt good.  If I had remembered how hilly the road was, I probably would not have gone that way.  I have to credit my twice weekly strength training and mental for my increasing mastery of the hills. 

And, for the first time since last October, I finished the run with a tub full of cold water and ice.  I ended up filling the tub really full so the bath was all the way up to my waist!  Brrrrr!


Small Town Runner said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh....nothing like a much needed LSD.

The ice technique is very similar to my own (except last week).

It feels good to get out and see new stuff, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

awesome inspire me to go farther. the ice looks cold, but, much needed.