Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sport Bra Rant

UGH!  I hate bra shopping.  It doesn't matter what kind of bra I need, it is a pain to find a good one in the right size for even a half way decent price.  I am hereby looking for a new sport's bra.  They are even more difficult to find in my size.  I realize many runners are not busty well endowed.  And, honestly, I wish I were smaller no matter what my husband says.  Some women lose size with weight loss.  I do not.  Certainly I am not the only woman out there that has a small ribcage and large cup size.  Seriously!  This is driving me crazy--well, crazier than I already am.

Yesterday I stopped at the running store.  I found two bras in a style I really liked and were for high impact  i.e. running.  I grabbed one of each and tried them on.  Wow!  I loved the shape and the look and they almost fit.  For the first time I had found a racer back bra that might just work for me.  Woohoo!  I might be able to wear some of the really cute shinglets and show off my shoulders. (Strength training is paying off!)    I get all my own clothes back on and head out to check sizes.  Nothing in a 32.  Nothing.  I head over to the register and ask.  They only get one 32 of each size and they are gone immediately.  (Seems to me the buyer should get a hint from that...)  "Well," I ask, "Do you know if the come in my size?"  (Yeah, it is true.  Many bras aren't even made in my size.  Try getting a cheap bra now!)  The response is less than stellar in my book.  Fine.  I go home to research.

One of the two bras is indeed in my size.  I order it quickly and add a clearance racer back top.  Woohoo!  Now the other.  I head to the Champion website.  This is the one I really loved and would even work for everyday.  Sigh.  It isn't in my size.  That just really sucks.  Almost.  So, do I order it and hope the slightly smaller size will fit or let it go?  Hmmm, that is the decision before me now.

All in all, at least I found one that should fit great.  It is a Moving Comfort so I know the quality is good.  I know their sizing so everything is looking positive.  It is just so frustrating to try to find a sports bra to fit a real person--namely me.  If this one works, I will get a bunch more to hold me for a while!


jackie said...

i always have that problem too! it can be frustrating. hope you have good comfort with your new purchases

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I have your exact same problem. I'm a Moving Comfort 38A! What! The lady at the running store said she's never even heard of that size. Clearly, not stocked. (Actual bra size 32FF).

For long runs Enell is my favorite. I just don't think we get to buy cheap bras at our sizes.

Keeley said...

I love your new background!! Really bright and pretty.

What I didn't say on The Loop and wanted to though thought it might be kind of inappropriate and figure this is a safer place to say it is (Wow, that's a long beginning to the sentence!) though it can't be much fun for you - I'm kind of jealous! =P Since I lost weight and started running my boobs have disappeared. So disappointing.