Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Some days are like this.  They start out slow with changes in plans.  Then there is a turn and it all comes together.  A moment of clarity brings everything back into focus.  And, suddenly I remember.  I remember how incredibly blessed I am.  Today, that moment of clarity arrived, as it often does, in the middle of a run.  The sun was shining so the planned tempo turned into LSD. 

My smile grew as I felt my body find it's rhythm.  Every worry, every concern drifted away.   Each step reminded me of how much I have.  Blessings flew through my mind as I reveled in the warm sun.  The love of my husband and family surround me.  A business that I love and can help others reach their potential.  The ability to be able to head out for a run when the sun shines. 

Every aspect of my life is blessed by God.  He allows me to enjoy the life he has given me.  Sometimes I become overwhelmed and the day to day struggles seem larger than the blessings.  I begin to focus on those struggles and lose sight of what is true and right.  Today I had 10 miles to remind me how truly blessed I am.  I am refocused on those blessings.  It is time to remeber the positive and leave the rest behind.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Yesterday I was talking about the differences between our natural life and God's Life. How neither exercise or good food will guarantee longer life (or shorter).

Our natural life is dictated in our genes no matter how trashy a lifestyle we lead, but even our natural life can be interrupted when God shows us His plan.

The last thing I talked about is how disconcerting God's purpose can be for someone who hasn't attempted to maintain a daily conversation with God. But how satisfying it can be for someone who has always maintained an open heart.

Small Town Runner said...

Sounds like a lovely run. :) Wish I could have joined you for it.

Probably a big contrast to 1:00 hard/1:00easy where you are going "GOD..Am I going to die during this workout?"

Meghan said...