Friday, January 07, 2011


How can adding strength training back into a routine make one more sore than running a marathon?  I am having more difficulty going down stairs today than after any of my marathons!  Yesterday, I added squats and lunges back into the routine.  Today I ran 6 miles that felt more like 26 when I finished!  I just keep reminding myself that if I keep up with it I will be a better, stronger runner.  And, if I keep it up, I won't be this sore again...


ERG @ Elkton Runner said...

Oh my word!

I was going to make a very similar post to this - but hadn't yet. Last week I started back and I think i might finally be adjusting. It zapped me!

There will be a big payoff, J. Stick to it! Even if you did no weights and lunges, you would probably be sore if you haven't been doing them..OR maybe it's just me. Haha.

Please forgive me if I piggy back off of this in another post! I forgot how important the weights are!

NattyBumpo said...

I need to start going in the afternoons to the Y. I would love to add a yoga class into the mix, but trying to get that into the schedule might take an act of Congress.

jgf said...

Piggyback all you want, Elkton! I didn't even use weights on the lower body exercises! I knew I would feel it, but not this much.

Nat, this is why I do yoga videos at home! Fits my schedule!