Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 42

I really can't believe that it is already this far into it. Tomorrow is my weigh in and I am nervous for the first time. I am so close to the 160s and I want to get there this week. I know that I will get there eventually, but for some reason this really means a lot to me this week. I will be disappointed if I don't, but I won't give up either. After all, it will take 4.1 pounds to get there. I do sneak a peek during the week, but nothing is "official" until Wednesday morning.

During the last 42 days, my attitude about food has changed. I am beginning to see food as fuel not a reward. I enjoyed the bbq with family and the conversation without focusing on the chips and strawberry shortcake. I actually enjoy the smell of a cake baking without considering eating it. I have come to realize that it won't be worth it in the long run.

Some of the temptations are different with our business. I cannot clear my house of high calorie foods. DH & I care for 4 seniors with Alzheimer's disease in our home. I have to work to keep them from losing weight so we serve high calorie foods and desserts. I sit at the table during dinner and feed two of our residents ice cream and cake. It makes for interesting thought processing about what I will eat when they finish and the choices I make.

I am tooting my horn because I am really proud of how I am sticking with the plan. I have never stuck with any diet this long. And I don't want to quit. Yes, I do have days where I want to cheat "just a little bit." But I don't and that is the best thing I know to do.

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