Saturday, June 07, 2008

Just Sittin'

Just a sittin' here sipping on my strawberry creme shake. As I finished a bunch of paperwork for my staff, I realized I was getting a little hungry (Which is why I knew it was time for another meal.) And I realized how unhungry I am. I get the munchies sometimes, but I don't really get hungry. That is the difference with MF as opposed to other things I have tried. Well, that and that MF actually works...

I am scared about getting to my goal weight and going off MF. After all, I put it on once, it can certainly happen again. But this time I am different. I spent a lot of time working through some issues before I started. I realize I eat out of boredom and stress. I realize I have used my weight as insulation from the world. This time I am confident that my mind can keep up with my body.


zoey said...

hi. i just said a prayer for you weightloss and maintenance. blessings to you.

aka zoey at

Donella said...

You are doing GREAT!!! Keep it up!