Thursday, June 19, 2008

We're Back!

We arrived back home about 2:00 this morning after a 2 hour delay due to storms in the midwest. We had a great time in DC. I have always been very patriotic and amazed by the sacrifices of our founding fathers. To view the places where so many of them walked brought home the truth that it really happened. Our hotel was a mile from the mall and we walke there daily. I am going to check our daily mileage on Map My Run, but I think we walked about 4-7 miles daily not including time spent in the museums. When I think about the most moving things we viewed, I would have to put Arlington National Cemetary near the top. However, one of the last things were saw were the Declaration of Independence, the Consitution and the Bill of Rights. It was so incredible to actually read part of the Constitution in the rotunda. We were able to see everything we wanted within DC and several things twice.

As for the diet... Actually it didn't go too bad. I wasn't able to stay entirely on plan, but I made good choices most of the time. I ended up lossing .2 pound, but I lost 2 inches. The one thing I think would have made the most difference was eating more often and drinking more water. All in all, a learning experience. And I think the first time I actually lost weight on a vacation!

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