Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday 5

My original idea of this blog was to remember the good things in life.  Lately I have been more negative than normal.  I needed the reminder that I am blessed.  Today I make a promise to myself to smile more and enjoy living.  It is Friday, so I list 5 great blessings of my life.

My husband.  He is amazing.  Patient, kind and generous.  He puts up with my idiosyncracies and actually seems to like some of them.  The last 23 years have been incredible and I cannot wait to see what the next 23 bring!

My puppies.  I may threaten trading them for goldfish, but I truly love them.  They make be crazy.  And they make me laugh.  They have such different personalities!  Indy is active and loves to be moving.  He is my four-pawed running partner.  He brightens every time I pull out my shoes.  When runs get tough, he keeps me going.  Han is the cuddler.  He would rather be held than anything else.  They each have their own piece of life to fill.

Running.  I love running!  I love the freedom I feel when I am out on the roads enjoying God's creation.  Every step releases a bit of joy within me.

My family.  They are the amazing.  God chose to put me with this group for a purpose.  There are days when I wonder why, but I love every one of them!  When I married, I was fully accepted in another family.  I am so loved and so blessed.

My greatest blessing is the love of God.  He loves me so much that he chose to give his all for me.  I cannot begin to share my gratefulness for his grace.

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ERG said...

What a great idea for a post!
I might have to make a similar contribution to my own.

Many of our blessings are the similar. The puppies must be much loved little furballs -this is one area we differ. My poor cat has been ran out of the house by the baby and 3 year old.
BTW- I really like that snippets from the word thing :)