Friday, October 08, 2010

Sometimes when I run, I

  • imagine I am running with Kara Goucher or Ryan Hall or Eric Liddell or ...
  • imagine my mom is running along side and talk to her
  • imagine I am winning a race or even just running one
  • obsess about where the next porta-potty is and it's condition when I arrive
  • pray and quote scripture
  • wish I were doing something else
  • wish I were able to keep running forever
  • count my cadence
  • dream about running in exotic places
  • cry or laugh out loud, sometimes both at the same time

Hat Tip: medievalistrunningincircles


ERG said...

:) me too

NattyBumpo said...

I think up steam-punk inventions that I will never build.

Keeley said...

NattyBumpo thinks up steampunk inventions? That is soooo cool.

I sometimes think about things that make me really mad. Then I go fast. I also cry or laugh out loud too.

Praying and quoting scripture is a fabulous thing to do. =)