Monday, October 25, 2010

Official Race Pictures

Really I wasn't planning on purchasing the pictures from the Portland Marathon this year.  But when I looked at them, I had to get them.  The pouring rain and the smile on my face throughout made it important. 

The start.  More garbage bags were destroyed for this than in a week in all of Oregon...

The drums are just after the start.  It is the best entertainment and gets the adrenaline pumping even more!

The St John's Bridge at mile 17 is a highlight of the race.  The only unfortunate part is the hill to get to it.

My friend, Liz, saw me at mile 20 and ran about a mile with me.  It was awesome to have a runner that knew exactly what to say for encouragement!  I don't think she ever runs as slow as that mile.  She has a 3:17 marathon and is registered for Boston 2011!

Ctossing the Broadway Bri8dge is the sign that you are getting close!

Coming to the finish!

I love this shot!  Big smile, flying feet!  And when full size, my Garmin has my official time on it--04:34:56.  Not my fastest marathon, but a great one with comraderie and fun.

Portland Marathon 2010 Finisher!  It was quite an experience to run 26.2 miles in the rain!


NattyBumpo said...

Those are great photos.

jgf said...

Hey, I have been thinking about you! How did everything go yesterday?

Keeley said...

Wow, it was wet! Those pictures are AWESOME!

ERG said...

Those are some memorable moments! I love the smile in the pouring rain and the bridge shot :)

Maureen said...

Those are a must-get for sure!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Congrats on finishing the marathon in a great time on such a rainy morning! Great rainy day photos!