Saturday, October 02, 2010

Marathon Day -7

Why is it when the training is done, one questions EVERYTHING?  I walked into the garage this evening and a thought popped into my mind.  "I feel so out of shape."  Huh?!  Where did that come from?  Honestly, My upper body and core are not in the shape I would like.  But my shoulder has limited many of my usual exercises.  I have only missed 2 runs in the training cycle.  Aerobically, I am in great shape.  I have an extra year of running since my first marathon.  That alone increases my fitness.  Then there is the nutrition and hydration.  Eating enough, but not too much and the right stuff.  Drink lots of the "right" things.  Don't drink too much of the other stuff.  Rest, but not too much.  Run, but not too much.  Run fast, but not too fast. 

I sit back with my feet up now.  I breathe deep and try to calm my mind.  I have trained well.  I have put in the work.  Now I have to trust that work.  I need to remember that hard work pays off.  Just breath in and out for 7 days.  Nothing more than that.


ERG said...

TAPER !!!!
LOL Trust it. You DO have an extra year's experience. You DO have many great weeks of training done (with hardly a day off, I might add!). It's Satan trying to feed doubt in your mind. Beat him away! And take some zinc, hydrate well and sleep as much as you can :)

You are going to have the best jgf race EVER!

C2Iowa said...

I am hating my first tatper right now. Good luck with your run and I also think that you will PR.